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Utah storms can wreak havoc to your trees. You never know when you might need emergency tree service to deal with a tree that has fallen on a house, fence, car or lays in the power lines.

Hidden Oak Tree Care provides professional tree care emergency services for customers in Salt Lake City and surrounding cities.

As an emergency tree service in Northern Utah, Hidden Oak Tree Care provides 24-hour services for hazardous and dangerous tree falls.

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Common Reasons for Emergency Tree Service

We all love our trees. They make our yard beautiful by adding color and shade to your landscape. But, when tree become overgrown or damaged by storms, they can become a hazard.

Snow storms, severe thunderstorms, and strong winds cause broken branches and tree limbs and general uprooting of trees. Winter-time freezing, thawing and build-ups of ice can cause serious damage to trees.

Many times these fallen branches can take out power lines, and cause property damage to homes, fences and buildings.

When fallen limbs create a dangerous and emergency situation, including structural damage or exposure to utility and power lines, it is critical to reach out to qualified professionals to handle the situation.

Hidden Oak Tree Care is experienced in handling tree storm damage and has the necessary equipment and machinery to handle the job.

Emergency Tree Removal

The need for emergency tree removal comes when the tree or limb poses and immediate danger to property or persons.

In other cases, emergency tree removal may be required as a preventive measure. If a tree is leaning in a way it was not before the storm, or you notice cracked branches, it is best to take action before an accident happens.

In these cases it is best to secure a certified arborist to inspect the tree to determine if it safe to leave as is, or should be trimmed or removed.

Emergency tree removal, especially for large trees, is dangerous and best left to professionals. Many times downed trees lie in confined spaces, on or in close proximity to utility lines or on top of property. Removal requires tree experts with training, skill and the right equipment to complete the job successfully and safely.

Steps to Take After a Winter Storm

After a strong storm our natural instinct is to clean up debris. It is important, however, to ensure you take safety precautions before attempting any work on your own.

Do not enter an area where you notice utility cables or downed power lines. Severe shock, injury or death can occur in these dangerous situations.

Do not walk under hanging limbs as they may be barely attached to the tree or caught in other branches.

Do not attempt to remove large debris unless you are skilled with heavy equipment and dangerous equipment like chainsaws.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Emergency Tree Removal?

Most homeowners insurance cover this type of incident, but of course everyone’s policies are different.

For those with thorough comprehensive insurance, a tree fall damage claim will be covered by insurance.

If, however, the fell due to negligence, then your insurance company may not cover your claim. For example a dead tree that should have been removed prior to the storm may not be covered.

Call Hidden Oak Tree Care for Emergency Services

Hidden Oak Tree Care employees skilled professionals equipped with the right equipment for any size job.

We are available to handle difficult jobs day or night. We offer you peace of mind knowing we can handle any emergency situation.

Keep our number handy for 24-hour emergency services, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  385.800.8733

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