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If you live in Cottonwood Heights, Utah, you already know that trees are essential in your yard since they add value to your property and your community’s health. Healthy trees are an excellent investment with significant returns in both ecological and community benefits. However, poorly maintained trees can be a liability, which can cause a hazard. Incorrect tree work can pose a risk to the tree and endanger the individual conducting the work. Therefore, seek tree services from a certified and experienced professional such as Hidden Oak Tree Care for a safe and efficient job.

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Tree Service Cottonwood Heights Utah

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These guys were awesome! They were prompt and professional both times we met with them. The price was very reasonable. They did a great job removing a giant tree limb that was growing over our house. They even cleaned up the leaves that were in our yard--which was a lovely surprise. I definitely recommend them.
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Mehan H.
Cottonwood Heights, Utah

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When searching for a tree service provider, ensure they are ISA Certified Arborists experts. ISA only approves trained persons to provide tree services to the public. It is also essential to know the staff’s experience to ensure they can meet all your needs beyond your expectations.  Hidden Oak Tree Care provides several important Cottonwood Height tree services including:

tree trimming

Regular tree trimming is an essential process in tree care since it saves trees from diseases by cutting infected branches. In addition, broken branches can gather water, which can cause rotting. Professionals have the tools and skills for this procedure to ensure the healthy growth of trees in your property. 

tree removal

A tree can be an asset or a liability. Professionals can assess your trees to determine if they pose any potential risk. If the experts notice a tree disease or damage that is beyond treatment, they can perform tree removal. They have access to advanced equipment and tools that help them perform tree removal safely and efficiently. If an inexperienced person performs the removal, it can cause costly property damages.

stump removal and grinding

Tree removal is only half the job since you need to deal with the remaining stump. Find an expert in Utah who has the expertise and equipment to remove any size of the tree stump. The professionals begin by cutting off the tree’s roots, then dig out the stump bulk and lift it using a crane.

Large and aged trees can be difficult to remove since they have developed root systems that are hard to take out. In such a case, stump grinding becomes the only option for professionals. They have state-of-the-art equipment that grinds and shreds the stump into small pieces. The experts can then cover the stump using soil or fertilizer, depending on how you choose to dress the property.


tree pruning

A certified and experienced arborist has mastered the art of tree pruning during their years of experience. The tree professionals have learned tree biology, which helps them recognize plant flaws and eliminate defects without causing irreparable damages that may hinder the tree’s growth. With this expertise, a professional can perform an effective tree prune that involves removing deadwood, which aesthetically shapes the tree. This service offers valuable benefits that include:

  • Healthier and stronger tree
  • More sunlight to enhance the undergrowth
  • Reduced tree pests
  • Increased strength to stand high winds

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Tree care and maintenance are necessary to improve the tree’s beauty, health, and structural soundness. Professionals have a vast expertise that helps them to offer excellent and thorough tree inspections to assess their condition. Regular tree care is essential for manageable diseases and insects that may threaten its health. This helps your trees to thrive in the urban environment.

When looking for tree service Cottonwood Heights, call on Hidden Oak Tree Care.  We provide free estimates and affordable tree care services.