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Trees are the cornerstone of any outdoor space. From residences to commercial properties we all agree that Millcreek tree service maintenance is important to keep trees healthy and beautiful.

Not only do trees have a key role to play in the aesthetics and functionality of any property, they are important to the environment, as well. 

This is why our trees need to be maintained effectively.  And, to make sure they are properly looked after, it is best to hire a professional tree service like Hidden Oak Tree Care.  

We have been providing tree service in Millcreek and surrounding areas for years and can keep your trees healthy and beautiful all year long.

Millcreek Tree Service

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I would very definitely recommend Hidden Oak Tree Care to anyone needing their service. I was impressed with the great job done by the crew on removing a tree, trimming another, and cleanup and all for such a reasonable price.
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Millcreek, Utah

tree service Millcreek, Utah

We work with home and company owners along the Wasatch front keeping their trees healthy, trimmed and full of life.  We also offer tree removal in even the toughest locations using our cranes and high tech. equipment.  Here are just a few of the tree services we offer.

Tree Removal

Tree removal is serious business. It involves science, calculation, expertise, and specialist equipment.   At Hidden Oak Tree Care we know how to remove the tree from a property efficiently, effectively, and safely.  Our crews are trained with safety in mind and work to minimize any damage to property while removing your trees safely.

tree trimming

Tree trimming is a very important element of tree care. It helps maintain the health and visual appeal of the trees and ensures they in no way become a safety hazard. Done right, tree trimming can add significant aesthetic appeal to a property and also help ensure the trees develop a strong structure and flourish for years to come.


Stump grinding

Tree removal is always followed by the issue of how to deal with the left-behind stump. 

Stump grinding is a popular method of stump removal as it removes the unsightly stump, but does not leave a gaping hole or damage surrounding property.  Stump grinding involves using a stump grinder to grind the stump to ground level or just below. 

This process requires specialized equipment and expertise to be done effectively, which is why it is best done by a professional so that dangerous accidents and injuries are avoided.

storm damage cleanup

Often, storms leave a lot of destruction in their wake and trees are no exception. 

After a storm, many properties require storm damage cleanup services, which involve removing fallen trees or dealing with compromised trees, fallen branches, and the like.

Our Utah weather can be extreme and unpredictable.  When a bad storm hits it can be comforting to know that a tree service company like Hidden Oak Tree care is available 24/7 to provide storm damage clean up to Millcreek residents.  

Why choose us?

If you are located anywhere in or near Weber, Davis, Salt Lake, or Utah County, and need tree care of any kind, don’t hesitate to contact us. There are numerous reasons that make us the best choice:

  • Professional Local Experts: We have been operating in these areas for a while now, which makes us particularly well-versed in understanding and addressing the various issues most commonly faced by local plants and trees. Additionally, we are a licensed business, staffed with qualified, dedicated experts, committed to delivering the highest level of customer service.
  • Certified Arborists: We take our commitment to tree care seriously, which is why we have certified arborists, some of the best in the business, on board. They are there to provide expert assessment, consultation, and solutions to the various, wide-ranging issues the trees and plant life may be facing. This in turn ensures the most effective tree care for the trees on your property.
  • Comprehensive Range of Services: We are a one-stop-shop tree service. This means you get comprehensive care for your trees instead of having to engage the services of several tree service providers for your various needs.
  • We Cater To Everything Trees: Whether you are a residential or commercial property, have a simple or complex problem, a small-scale or large-scale issue, we have you covered. We have the newest specialized equipment of varying sizes, capable of catering to all kinds of issues, and we have a team of technicians who are experts in operating the machinery effectively and in executing their task of providing high-quality tree service.
  • Positive Customer Reviews: Who better to tell you about our quality of service than those who have already experienced it? The number of positive customer reviews you will find about us on Google and Facebook are all a testament to the quality of our service and commitment to our clients’ satisfaction.
Give us a call today to discuss how Hidden Oak Tree Care can take care of your trees.