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Maintaining your trees in South Jordan can be a time-consuming job. That is why using a tree service can be a good idea. Not only will this mean you have more free time, but you can have peace of mind that a professional is looking after your yard.

When a tree needs trimmed, removed or appears to be sick you are best off to reach out to a professional tree service.

But, you may wonder “What services does a tree service provide?”

A professional tree service can handle nearly all types of work involving trees and shrubs. 

To find out more on this question and more, read on.

south jordan tree service
South Jordan Tree Service

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These guys were amazing. Incredibly quick and knowledgeable. I got an estimate from them for removal of 3 pines and a giant spruce and helping my maple back to life. Their quote came in lower than the competition. The scheduling was clear and easy to set up. Removal day went swimmingly and the job was done in about 4 hours (3 times faster than I was quoted by 2 other companies). The clean up job they did was very thorough. I really appreciate the time the crew spent on the job!
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J. Green
South Jordan, Utah

south jordan tree service

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Take a look at the following to learn more about how we can help keep your trees beautiful and healthy.

Tree Removal

There are many reasons a tree may need to be removed such as:

  • If the tree is diseased or dead
  • The tree may be infested with pests
  • You may no longer want the tree in your yard
  • The tree roots are damaging your property

Removing the tree yourself is not recommended, especially if you have no experience. This is because it could be dangerous and if you do it yourself you could hurt someone or damage property.

Our highly trained and experienced South Jordan tree service team can assess the area prior to removal to ensure the job is done safely.

tree trimming

Regularly trimming your trees is essential for tree health and to keep your yard looking amazing. Using an experienced tree service for this work is recommended. This is because trees need to be trimmed at the right time of year and a professional will have the right tools to do the best job.

Shrubs need to be trimmed at certain times of the year and in the right way to keep their shape.

Our service can trim your shrubs at the right time using the best tools depending on the type of shrub. This is great for you as you can have peace of mind that we will notice dead or damaged parts and remove them. Also, your shrubs will look great all year round thanks to proper maintenance.

Stump grinding

When a tree is cut down this leaves a stump. Some people choose to have a full removal and fill in the hole. The other option is to leave the stump and have it ground down.

The team uses a specialized tool for grinding down the stump. A stump is ground down to the ground level or just below. This means there is no hole to fill in. The roots of the tree will die naturally over time or can be poisoned to speed up the process.

People quite often prefer this option rather than full stump removal. This option is popular as there is less mess made and the job is usually much quicker than full removal.

Tree Storm damage

Storms can wreak havoc on yards. Trees, shrubs, and other plants can be torn to shreds during bad storms.

After a storm, your yard may be littered with debris that has blown around. Our service can clear your property including the driveway of any branches, fallen trees, or other debris.

Once the property is clear, then a full assessment can be done. This means checking trees and the rest of the yard for damage. If any is found, then it can be dealt with. For example, a tree may have branches hanging down that need to be removed before they fall.

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Trees and plants need to be looked after. Like humans, they should get a regular checkup. This is to help identify any potential problems such as disease, infestation, or damage to the surrounding area (for example, if tree roots get too big).

Arranging regular checkups with a qualified arborist is essential for tree health and to prevent problems before they occur. Doing this, along with regular spraying, can help your trees and other plants live a longer, healthier life.

If you live in South Jordan, Salt Lake City or the surrounding area, then we can provide an affordable tree care solution to help you with your trees, shrubs, or other plants.

We offer a reliable, friendly, and trustworthy tree services using a highly trained team with many years of experience. Whether you need a checkup, a removal, or anything else we are properly equipped to handle any size job.

Hidden Oak Tree Care is your South Jordan tree service professional for residential and commercial jobs.  Call us to discuss your tree service needs.