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Trees make up a big part of our Holladay Utah community.  They not only provide us with fresh air, which is necessary for ordinary life, but also play an important role in adding beauty to our beautiful planet.

Whether it’s a home, office, park, etc., you will find beautiful trees throughout Holladay.  Healthy Holladay trees not only make the community pretty, they raise property values, as well.

Like all living things, however, trees also have a life cycle and ultimately age and die. As the age of the tree increases, its resistance decreases, and it becomes more susceptible to rot, pests, insect infections, and other diseases.

Holladay tree service is essential for maintaining healthy and long-lasting survival of your beautiful trees. Professional tree care service providers like Hidden Oak Tree Care ensure that your trees remain healthy and beautiful.

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Tree Service Holladay Utah

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The entire process was so professional. Leif came out for an estimate, the crew had a copy of his diagram and notes which they reviewed with us before they started cutting. . The owner stopped by. I was impressed with their knowledge of trees. Overall an impressive company with great employees. Highly recommend
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Alice W.
Holladay, Utah

tree service holladay utah

We are proud to provide tree services in Utah and love making our customers happy.  Here are just a few areas we specialize in, give us a call to learn more about our services.

tree stump grinding

This service is ideal when there is a stump on the lawn requiring proper care. The process of stump grinding consists of grinding the stump to a certain depth. Stump grinding not only protects the plant but also ensures that trees can support various landscape projects and increase the attractiveness of the lawn. A qualified and professional tree service, such as Hidden Oak Tree Care has all the tools necessary for this task, which will significantly speed up the process.

tree trimming

Tree Trimming is a task that most people can easily accomplish, but there are many things to consider when it comes to tree trimming. You should always make sure that you prune them in the proper branch location so the tree stays healthy and continues to grow.

Hiring a professional tree service like Hidden Oak Tree Care takes the guesswork out of tree trimming.  Our professional arborists can recommend proper trimming methods and schedules which can help you save more money in the long run because you do not need to trim your trees as often throughout the year.

tree removal

The process of removing trees can be very dangerous and, if not done correctly, can cause more damage.  It is therefore recommended that only professional tree service providers tackle large tree removal jobs. 

Professional tree care specialists have all the tools necessary for the correct removal skills for even the largest tree.  And by hiring a professional tree service, you can be sure that you will be saved from all the problems that you will encounter when removing a tree.

tree health

A tree, like any other living organism, is susceptible to disease.  In some cases the diseased body of the tree goes unnoticed, causing dead branches or dead trees. 

We recommend to always look for cracks, rot and defects on the tree, as well as pay special attention to dead branches in order to understand the cause of death.  The cause can be anything from illness to infection and insects. 

If you feel your tree is dying you should hire a professional tree service arborist to inspect your tree and offer professional solutions to keep your tree alive or remove it if it may cause danger to your home or property.

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A professional tree service provider like Hidden Oak Tree Care can offer a wide range of services, including mulching, logging and tree removal to provide a greener and more beautiful garden. 

Make sure trees in Holladay stay healthy and beautiful by contacting Hidden Oak Tree Care today.