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Trees in Murray need care so that they can grow and flourish all year-round. They need regular maintenance otherwise they may overwhelm your property. Some trees can grow to an enormous size and,if left unchecked, could cause damage to your property.

A good tree service, like Hidden Oak Tree Care, can help manage and maintain your trees.

Read more below about Murray, Utah tree maintenance services provided by Hidden Oak Tree Care.

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Hidden Oak tree care removed my many dead and diseased trees. They did a thorough job including stump removal and great cleanup. They were easy to work with, gave me a fair price, and were completely professional. There was never any concern about where the trees would land. They carefully planned each felling cut so that the tree never came close to the fence or anything else it could damage. Care was taken to ensure my other landscaping was not damaged. My hats off to the great crew that came on time and finished quickly. I highly recommend them for tree removal projects.
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Dwight C.
Murray, Utah

tree service Murray Utah

The purpose of plant health care is to keep your trees healthy and identify any potential problems before they arise.

When using a professional tree service provider for plant health care, they can advise on issues including soil, watering, and any signs of disease or pests.

Using this advice, and the info below, you can help keep your trees healthy, live longer, and looking great.


Tree Trimming

It is vital to trim your trees regularly to keep them healthy and improve their lifespan. The 4 benefits of tree trimming are:

  • If the tree is left to grow it will become overgrown. Branches will grow in all directions causing the tree to look untidy. Trimming the tree keeps it nice and neat so your tree looks great.
  • If you enjoy a nice garden, then having an untidy tree would ruin the look. Trimming the tree will keep your garden looking fantastic.
  • Trimming the tree regularly helps remove diseased or dead branches. This means the tree will have a healthier, longer life span.
  • By removing dead and diseased branches you are reducing the risk of damage to your property or people. Trees that are not cared for can become weaker so in a storm the whole tree or diseased branches could be blown onto your property.

tree removal

There are many reasons a tree may need to be removed including if the tree is diseased, dead or the roots are now causing damage to property.

To get a tree removed, it is best to use a professional tree service. Doing it yourself is not recommended unless you have experience. This is because there are many factors to consider when taking the tree down and if you get it wrong you could end up hurting yourself or damaging your property.

A professional tree service like Hidden Oak Tree Care can assess the tree, the area, and do a careful removal of the tree.

stump grinding

In some cases, you may elect to have the tree stump ground down instead of fully removed.

Stump grinding means once the tree has been cut down the roots are not removed, instead, the remaining stump is simply ground down.

The main reason to choose this option is that it is an easier process and leaves less mess. If the whole tree including roots is removed, then you need to fill in the remaining gap. By leaving the roots and stump you can simply grind it down to ground level, so it is neat and tidy.

Tree Spraying

There are some trees that benefit from regular spraying applications.

Tree spraying can help your tree in the following ways:

  • Pest control
  • Scale control
  • Insect control
  • Leaf rust control
  • Help keep the tree healthier and greener

Not all trees require spraying so discuss with your tree service provider before undertaking any spraying. The tree service should be able to confirm exactly what care your trees need.

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Hidden Oak Tree Care tree service in Murray, Utah can help with a range of areas relating to tree care. Whether you need tree trimming, tree removal, or advice on plant health care using a qualified, professional tree service is best to maintain your trees and garden.

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