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Sandy Utah Tree Service

To keep your property looking fantastic and free from disease it is important to conduct regular maintenance.

If you live in the Sandy Utah area this guide will highlight some key tree service areas Hidden Oak Tree Care can help you with. This includes:

Read on to find out more about Hidden Oak Tree Care’s tree service options.

tree service sandy utah
Sandy Utah Tree Service

Here’s a recent recent review from
a Sandy tree service customer:

I could not be more impressed. They removed a huge Sycamore from a very tight backyard - not a scratch, dent, etc. on anything. They were so meticulous in all that they did and left my place spotless. I highly recommend them.
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B. Jones
Sandy, Utah

tree service Sandy utah

Customers rave about our tree care services.  Take a look at our reviews here.  Following are just a few services we provide to keep your trees healthy and beautiful.

Stump Grinding

When a tree is removed you can choose to have the stump ground down rather than complete removal.

Stump grinding means that using a specialized stump grinding auger tool, the remaining stump is ground down to ground level or just below. The leftover sawdust mixes in with the surrounding soil which means there is no hole for you to fill.

The roots are left to die or can be poisoned to speed up the process. Roots may take up to 10 years to die.

This option may be better for some people as it is an easier job plus there is no hole to fill in after the tree is cut down.

tree spraying

Depending on the variety of trees you have, they may need spraying. Reasons for spraying include:

  • Reduce the risk of pest or insect infestations
  • The tree will look greener
  • Scale control
  • A healthier tree
  • Leaf rust control

Prior to spraying the arborist will do a thorough check to make sure the variety of tree you have is suitable for spraying. Using a qualified tree service, like Hidden Oak Tree Care, is essential to prevent unnecessary spraying that may cause damage to your trees.

tree trimming

To maintain a beautiful yard, regular trimming of any trees is essential.

The main benefits of regular trimming are:

  • If you do not trim the tree, then it will become overgrown and untidy.
  • An untidy or diseased tree will detract from the aesthetic of your garden.
  • Trimming the tree will remove dead or diseased branches. This means your tree will be healthier and live longer.
  • A damaged, diseased, or dead tree could fall or have branches fall from it at any time. Potentially, this could cause damage to a person or property.

tree removal

It is important to regularly check your trees for the following:

  • Signs of disease or death
  • Infestations of pest or insects
  • Tree roots have grown too big and now causing property damage

If you notice any of these signs affecting your tree, then you will need to get the tree removed. Removal of the tree is important to stop further damage to your yard or property.

It is not recommended to do this yourself. Instead use a qualified, experienced tree service to remove trees when needed. Using a tree service reduces the risk of damage to yourself or your property.

When visiting your property, the arborist (tree surgeon) will check the area to plan the removal. Doing this ensures the job is done safely with minimal risk to your property.

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