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You should never underestimate the power and value of a well-manicured yard. Getting the right look needs you to care for the trees on your property. It might sound simple, but there is a lot of knowledge and expertise required when providing tree care. This is exactly why it is best to hire a professional tree service provider.

Hidden Oak Tree Care has been providing West Jordan tree service for years.  We service most of Northern Salt Lake and have hundreds of satisfied customers.

Read more for an overview of what to expect from a professional tree service like Hidden Oak Tree Care.

west jordan tree serivce
West Jordan Tree Service

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These guys were awesome! They were prompt and professional both times we met with them. The price was very reasonable. They did a great job removing a giant tree limb that was growing over our house. They even cleaned up the leaves that were in our yard--which was a lovely surprise. I definitely recommend them.
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N. Davis
West Jordan, Utah

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We have hundreds of five star customer reviews.  Take a look at a few of our reviews here

Following are just a few of services we provide to keep your trees healthy and beautiful.

Tree Removal

Tree Removal becomes necessary in some cases such as when the tree is dead, dying with no hope of recovering, or has become a hazard, endangering life and property.

Removing a tree is an intricate matter requiring expertise and experience, which a tree service brings with it.

tree trimming

Tree trimming involves removing the unwanted parts of the tree. It is necessary to help in the proper growth of the tree and to prevent it from becoming a hazard.

Depending on the size of the branches that need removing, different tools will be needed.

A professional tree service like Hidden Oak Tree Care comes equipped with the knowledge and equipment to provide the trimming services that bring out the best look of your yard, preserve the health of your trees, and maintain the safety of the environment.

Stump grinding

Often diseased or dead trees need to be removed. In such cases, the stump gets left behind, which is an eyesore and poses a safety hazard to those using the space.

Stump grinding involves chopping up the stump into small wooden pieces, getting rid of the stump and destroying the root system.

A stump grinder is a specialty machine used exclusively for the purpose of stump grinding.

A tree service professional will use the right stump grinder for the job and ensure safe and effective operation of the machine.

Emergency Tree Services

There are certain situations when a tree in your yard may need urgent attention:

  • Storm- damaged trees: A storm-damaged tree will pose many more threats than a normal tree and will require urgent attention to prevent it from causing damage to property and life.
  • Diseased or Decayed Tree: A diseased tree or decaying tree can spread the disease to other trees and cause considerable problems.
  • A Branch Threatening Safety: An overgrown branch posing a threat to life or property will need to be removed immediately.
  • Expected Change of Weather: If damaging winds are forecast and you feel some trees might be vulnerable then emergency tree care may being order.

In all such cases, a tree service business can provide prompt, competent service.

Why Hire us?

If there are any of these tree services you are in need of, then look no further than Hidden Oak Tree Care. We offer a comprehensive range of tree services and there are many reasons why we are the best choice:

Experienced and Qualified Team: We have an experienced team of dedicated tree service professionals and qualified tree surgeon experts who have dealt with numerous challenging tree care scenarios and are therefore more than capable of dealing with any issue regardless of the level of complexity.

Positive Customer Reviews: Those who have dealt with us are the best ones to give you an accurate assessment of the quality of services we provide. The number of positive customer reviews we have is testament to the fact that we provide the highest quality of customized service to our customers.

Comprehensive Tree Care: Regardless of whether your problem is big or small, simple or complex, urgent or otherwise, if it has anything to do with tree and plant health care, then we have you covered.

Trees are aesthetically and functionally key components of your yard. Tree care is necessary and requires considerable time, effort and expertise, which is why hiring a tree service is a good idea. And if you are looking for tree services, then we are the perfect choice. Call us today for West Jordan tree service and get your yard in the best shape ever.