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Utah Arborist services

People throughout the Salt Lake City area rely on the arborist services provided by Hidden Oak Tree Care.

Our professionals are trained in the art and science of caring for trees and plants.

Read more below about our certified arborist services and how they can help ensure your trees remain beautiful and healthy.

arborist services

What is an Arborist

An arborist is trained in the science of caring for trees, shrubs and other woody plants.

Arborist services include various scientific tools to help trees survive and flourish.  A few of these areas include: 

  • plant health
  • disease treatment
  • pest control
  • fertilization
  • tree surgeon services  

They also specialize in oversight of various other tree services including:

  • proper tree trimming
  • tree pruning
  • tree shaping techniques
  • tree removal
  • transplanting
  • tree care
  • tree planting

There are two common types of arborists:  certified and consulting.  

A certified arborist  offers advice on planting, pruning, transplanting, treatment for pests and diseases and tree removal.

Consulting arborists are trained to diagnose problems and recommend treatments for sick or diseased plants.

How Are Utah Certified Arborists Trained?

A certification is required to become an accredited arborist. The most common arborist certification is sponsored by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA.) The ISA is accredited by the American National Standards Institute, meeting and exceeding ISO 17024.

The certification is achieved through education, extensive study of biology and passing a comprehensive examination.  Once certified, one must continue their education to retain their certification.

How Are Utah Certified Arborists Trained?

An arborist practices the study of arboriculture and is well-versed in the study of trees and how they grow. 

Because trees are so important to the health of humans and the environment, a tree service professional must have a wide base of knowledge in all types of tree care and plant health care.  That’s why some people call Arborists “Tree Doctors.”

Here are just a few areas our tree service pros specialize in to keep your landscape beautiful and healthy. 

Tree Risk Assessment

A plant or tree risk assessment should be performed to determine if your plants or trees are in danger of disease or death.  Our tree service professionals can determine if the tree can be saved and offer solutions to bring it back to health.  

We specialize in diagnosing problems with sick trees and recommend treatments to save even the most damaged species.

The keys to beautiful and healthy greenery is prevention.  By keeping them healthy and giving them proper care they can fight off most diseases on their own.  Call our certified tree service pros to assess your tree health and give them a fighting chance to survive.


A tree service professional specializes in proper tree trimming and pruning techniques. 

Branches make up the majority of a tree and sometimes it is necessary to strategically remove branches in order to promote proper tree growth and health.  Most mature trees greatly benefit from pruning if done properly.

We are specialists in removing tree branches that are rubbing together, thus damaging tree bark.  We can also remove tree branches that are weak, insect infected or diseased. 

A trained professional can also recommend removal of branches that create a hazard or obstructions to people and  property. 

Tree height and tree canopy can make a big difference in how it is pruned.  Small trees can easily be pruned by most.  But, tall ones require a service professional with specialized equipment such as cranes, cabling and bracing tools to safely complete the tree pruning job.

Proper care will keep your landscape healthy and beautiful for years to come.

Hazardous Tree Removal

After a severe storm it is usually evident when a tree should be removed.

Those causing danger to person and property should immediately be removed by qualified tree service personnel.

Other times, as trees get older they become weak, lean dangerously or have decaying branches.  These defects can cause the tree to break or fall easily.

An experienced expert is trained to spot potentially hazardous limbs and branches.  They can recommend the best tree removal solution to help keep your residential or commercial property safe.

Plant Health Care

A plant health specialist can recommend plant health care programs designed to deliver the correct nutrients at the right time throughout the year.  

Many times, a tree will need deep root fertilization to help strengthen and protect the tree.  A professional can recommend the correct type and time to apply the fertilizer to your trees and plants.

Plants and trees need the best soil care and root protection to help them thrive.  A trained plant health pro  can help make sure your plants have what they need to survive the extreme Utah weather.

Who is Utah's Best Tree Doctor?

Hidden Oak Tree Care offers comprehensive tree services provided by our ISA Certified Arborist.  Our tree doctors have years of experience with proper tree care techniques with a service area of the greater Salt Lake City area.  

We are a full service tree company, fully insured and licensed and have the equipment to handle the largest crane, cable or bracing job.  From complete tree services such as tree removal to one-time tree work, we have your covered.

We go the extra mile to ensure the health of your trees and plants and offer tree services in a professional manner.  Contact us to speak with our tree service professionals.