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Plant Health Care is a complete perspective in total health care for your trees and shrubs. This is a solution or identifying, evaluating, and treating and maintaining your trees and shrubs in your property.

Weak trees are vulnerable to being attacked by pests and pathogens.  Some of these diseases will cause minimal or no damages, some diseases or pests can quickly kill, while others still will cause long lasting and chronic damage. Our trained Plant Health Care technicians and Arborists will identify signs of disease or pest when examining your trees to provide you with the best solution for treatments to ensure their long-term health.

What you can expect from your arborist

  • Identify the problem(s) with your tree.

  • Discuss all possible treatments for your tree.

  • Measure your trees for accurate treatment applications and pricing.

  • Provide a written and digital estimate.

All of Hidden Oak Tree Care’s technicians are licensed pesticide applicators, trained to use the products targeted to your specific insect or disease. We are diligent to only use applications in line with proper environmental cues, to determine the ideal time for said applications. With this, certain applications will only be available seasonally, and the technician will dictate if pesticides are safe to apply based upon Weather and temperature, we will not spray while it is windy or raining.


applications we provide


We provide all types of tree spraying to eliminate pests and disease.

deep root injections

Deep root injections help your trees' health and beauty.