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Tree Stump Removal: How To Permanently Remove A Tree Stump

Tree stump removal is a job that can be difficult and time consuming, but it’s important to get done for several reasons. Removing a tree stump not only removes the eyesore and makes your yard look better, it provides safety and protects children and others from getting hurt.

Trees have been in existence long before humans started roaming the earth. These wonders of nature come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can add a touch of beauty to any community landscape.

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However, like any living organism, some trees can develop problems, which may negatively impact the property surrounding it.

If this scenario occurs on a residential or commercial property, removing the tree would be the most likely solution.

When you cut down a tree, it’s important to take care of the stump that remains. But have no fear! There are plenty of ways around this problem – from burning and manual removal to using certain chemicals or even renting out equipment like a stump grinder.

But, as you will read below, each of these methods offer their own set of challenges.

The best way to handle tree stumps is to call the pros at Hidden Oak Tree Care. We can remove any type or size of stump even in the most difficult to access locations in your yard or property.

Read on to learn more about the ways in which to remove a tree stump from your yard along with the ways to accomplish the job.

Things To Consider Before Tree Stump Removal

What Type of Tree Stump Are You Dealing With?

If you know what type of tree the stump is, it may be able to help you identify how difficult they will be to remove.

All trees have a different root system. Does it have a deep root system? Similar to an iceberg, the structure of a tree is clearly visible above ground, but what lies below the surface is a complete mystery.

If the tree was a softwood (pine) or evergreen then the roots are likely shallow and easy to cut through with an axe or chainsaw.
Hardwood trees (oak, maple) on the other hand have deep roots that can be hard to cut through.

If the stump is an oak, it can be a good idea to first try and remove as much of the roots from under where it was cut with machinery or by digging before cutting into it because they’re difficult to get out after being chopped up.

If the tree was a fruit or nut, you may be able to easily pull them out with your hands but if that doesn’t work then try using an axe or shovel and dig around under where it’s cut just like when removing roots from a hardwood.

It is best to research and determine what tree species you are dealing with before planning to remove the stump.

How big is the Stump

Is the tree trunk’s stump small, medium, or large? There are many types and sizes of tree stumps you may come across with different levels of difficulty that should dictate how quickly they can be removed.

It is possible to remove stumps with different techniques depending on the type and extent of the stump. The age and diameter of the tree provide good indication of stump removal difficulty.

Think also about the amount of stumps to remove. If you have multiple ones to remove, your chore will be harder and longer to achieve.

Underground Pipes

The root systems for trees do not have any collision avoidance capabilities, which means roots can grow around or sometimes through fragile underground pipes. If you attempt to remove a stump on your own, you could potentially damage your property’s underground piping systems or cause other property damage. It is extremely important to enlist the services of a professional if you suspect tree roots may have compromised any underground water or gas pipe structures.

Disposal of Old Tree Stumps

Another consideration is what you will do with the stump material after removal. Some local recycling centers accept large stump materials, but it is best to contact your city for clarification.

Some stump materials can be reduced to mulch using a wood chipper. This is an extra expense to the job and requires transport vehicles to deliver the chipper to your job.

Burning the material is another option, but again check your local regulations as some areas do not allow open burning.

Options To Remove a Tree Stump

Use of Chemicals

Performing a chemical rot of a stump can save you plenty of effort and energy, but on the flip side, it takes an inordinate amount of time (up to a year or longer) for the decay process to be completed.

There are various methods, techniques and home remedies that can be used to get the tree stump out.

Some people use rock salt, a saltwater solution, epsom salt or a commercial tree stump removal product. However, it takes careful planning and use of the right chemicals for the tree type to ensure the process is completed successfully.

Manual Stump Removal

This is by far one of the swifter methods of removing a stump, however, what you save in time, you pay for in physical exertion. Due to the demanding physical nature of this option, it is best used on small to medium tree stumps. A larger stump may require assistance from more heavy duty equipment like a stump grinder, which can increase the expense for completing this job.

Some of the tools you may need for the job include a digging bar, bow saw, ax, and mattock. In addition, wearing the appropriate safety gear such as goggles, work gloves and steel toe boots would be recommended.

Once the tree stump and root ball is removed, the hole which has formed as a result of your stump removal efforts can be filled in with top soil. To help the area blend in more with the natural surroundings, you can spread grass seeds and water thoroughly until the grass seeds germinate and grow. If done correctly, no one would have ever guessed a tree stump once resided in that location.

Burn The Stump

Here is another quick method for getting rid of a stump, but this takes careful coordination and planning since this entails working with highly flammable substances. This planning may also include consulting with your local fire department to confirm if there are any restrictions or limitations in moving forward with this option.

Some of the tools and supplies required for this job include kerosene or fuel oil and a power drill.

The entire process is summarized below.

  • Drill holes in various locations of the stump and fill them with the fuel.
    Soak the stump with the kerosene or fuel oil and wait for the wood to absorb the fuel.
  • Ignite the stump and make sure nothing other than the stump is ablaze. As time passes and the flame begins to smolder, you can cover it with topsoil to snuff out any remaining burning embers.

Use A Stump Grinder

The stump grinding option should be used on larger sized stumps or if there are multiple stumps that need to be removed. Stump grinders are generally available at local home improvement stores and can cost anywhere between $100 and $200 to rent. It is also important to consider the weight of the stump grinder as these heavy duty machines can tip the scales at roughly 1000 pounds.

Stump grinders work by cutting the tree stump into pieces and then rotating the cutter head in a circular motion to grind it. The blades used in this process revolve at high speeds, which can create excessive heat. Grinders work best when there is enough room to swing the arm of the machine without hitting something.

Stump grinders are a challenge to handle and it can be a dangerous task to run one. As with operating any heavy duty machinery, it is imperative to research and be completely clear on how to use the equipment before proceeding. By following the instructions and wearing the appropriate safety gear, you can make removing a large tree stump a much easier proposition.

Leave the Stump in Place

Although it may be easy to consider leaving a tree stump in your yard, tree stumps can be unsightly and dangerous.
A stump in a tree is an eyesore, a tripping hazard and can trap undesirable pests. If left to decay and rot by themselves a stump can take up to 10 years to dissolve.

Removing the tree stump not only makes your yard look better, but it also provides safety for children and others by preventing them from getting hurt.
Tree stumps are also breeding grounds for insects like termites and wasps so removing them may stop those infestations from spreading to other parts of your yard.

In the end it is best to remove any unwanted stumps and save yourself the headache of dealing with them for years to come.

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Tree Stump Removal: Do It Yourself (DIY) or Call the Professionals?

Many DIY enthusiasts have been successful in completing a home improvement project around the house and saved a good deal of money in the process.

If you have the tools, ability, and experience to perform a tree stump removal, then it may make sense to proceed with the project.

But, if you lack any of the necessary tools, techniques or skill sets for removing a tree stump, it is best to leave the job to a professional.

Enlisting the services of a professional can save you time, energy, possible injury, and ultimate disaster if a gas or water line is damaged during your DIY tree stump removal efforts.

Call In The Pros to Handle Your Tree Stumps

When you make the best decision to call the pros, contact Hidden Oak Tree Care. Our tree service professionals can advise on the best plan of attack for getting rid of a tree stump and proceed with quickly and efficiently completing the job.

We have removed thousands of stumps and trees for our Utah customers so they can enjoy their property. Give us a call today to learn how we can take care of your tree project.

Tree Stump Removal FAQs

When is the best time of year to remove stumps?

Any time of year is fine to remove a stump, but the best time of year to remove a tree stump is during the winter. This way they aren’t releasing sap that will be sticky and slippery. When it comes to lowering the risk of injury, make sure you wear protective gloves and goggles, and if you’re using power tools, always wear protective hearing devices in addition to safety goggles.

Do you have any recommendations for how to make the job easier or less dangerous?

The best solution is to hire professionals who work as a team of people to remove a tree stump. They are trained to work efficiently and experienced to handle situations in case of an emergency.

What is the fastest way to get rid of tree stumps?

Hands down, the fastest solution is to call the experts and Hidden Oak Tree Care.

How much does it cost for tree stump removal?

Cost of an individual stump is usually anywhere from $60 to $350 per stump to remove. The average price for a professional removal is $165 and most charge a minimum of at least $100. Because rental of stump grinders can cost between $100 and $200 each, you can also improve your budget by hiring a professional tree service like Hidden Oak Tree Care instead.