Affordable Tree Care in Utah

Affordable tree care is entirely possible in Utah…and it’s our specialty at Hidden Oak Tree Care.

Tree removal, trimming, spraying, stump grinding, and planting doesn’t have to break the bank. The first step to managing tree care costs is to put together a good maintenance plan to monitor your trees against diseases, pests and other factors that could destroy them. This reduces the need to remove dried and diseased branches or the full tree in the long run.

Continued care of your trees, season after season, will help you avoid problems such as overgrowing of branches which can lead to complicated and more costly maintenance and removal practices.

Affordable Tree Trimming

The cost of trimming your tree will depend on the obstacles around the tree and the size of the tree. Costs may escalate beyond what is normal affordable tree trimming if there are power lines close to the tree and if the branches are too high or too big. Most tree trimming service companies will charge depending on how hard or easy it is to access and how long it takes to trim the tree. The other factor is the tree species because some species will have more branches or that they are harder to cut.

Tree trimming costs vary depending on the size and location of the tree.  Costs also depend if large equipment such as cranes are needed to do the job. These costs also depend on the time of year such as summer, when trimming is at its peak, or winter when it is typically not tree trimming peak season.

As a homeowner, there are some things you can do to manage the cost of trimming the tree. You can surely do it yourself if you have the tools and equipment.  If you keep up on it and trim trees regularly the job won’t require expensive power saws. Especially if you keep branches out of power lines or other barriers that complicate the situation.  If you get behind, however, you are going to require special tools because of accessibility or hauling issues beyond the ordinary. Then, the best affordable tree care solution would be to call a professional service to do the trimming.

You can also call upon a trimming service to do the trimming and then haul the waste away yourself because hauling may add extra cost. Monitoring tree and plant health can also reduce the need to remove branches that would otherwise be diseased or get dried up.

Affordable Tree Spraying

Tree spraying in Utah isn’t as expensive as you would think. There are two methods suggested that can help to reduce the cost of tree spraying including applying treatment yourself and reducing the labor costs involved. A do it yourself solution will cut the costs and do the trick for most tree spraying applications.

But before considering a do it yourself job, make sure you have the correct tools and understand the proper application method. In terms of cost-efficiency, you may want to consider the backpack sprayers that come with handgun applicators and forest nozzles.  The application method selected should be efficient to minimize the total amount of chemicals used in spraying.

Because the skill of application is also essential, a do it yourself application may end up more costly; especially when expensive chemicals are used.  In these cases, a skilled tree health service company will best help for the job.

Affordable Tree Removal

There are several things you can do to ensure the trimming and removal of trees in Utah is affordable. The first one is obvious: avoid the need to remove the tree. The need to remove a tree may, for instance, arise because the tree is too tall and near the house. In such a case, reduce the height and always ensure the large trees of over 8 feet are not planted within up to 20 feet from the home and 5 feet from the walkaway.

Also, cabling can secure your trees against breaking and falling due to heavy storms and winds.  Cabling is more cost-effective than removal. Plus you can monitor the trees for appearance of diseases and pests before trees require removal.

Did you know that smaller branches including less than 3 or 4 inches in diameter can escalate costs of tree removal? They are responsible for up to 30% of the cost depending on the size of the tree and season. The cost of manual labor to load and haul the branches add to the overall cost of the job.  But, if you can keep up on small branch trimming you can save these costs.

Another approach is related to getting an affordable tree removal service to do the job.  This can be problematic, however, if you need emergency tree service. For instance, winter storms cause breakages and fall of trees.  During storm season, tree service companies are in high demand and so it may be hard to find economical tree service providers.

In some cases, hiring a professional affordable tree removal service can also help in the case where the job is complicated by the presence of overhead power lines, uneven roofing, and other obstacles. Doing it yourself may take more time and probably require you to buy or rent expensive equipment to manage the removal, which is, cost-wise, unnecessary.

Finally another way to save money on tree removal is to avoid removing the stump.  Stumps require additional equipment and machinery, and most professional removal services will require you to pay an extra cost.

Affordable Stump Grinding

Stump grinding costs vary depending on the size of tree and stump. It is more cost-effective to grind than remove a stump because you won’t need to deal with roots and the rest of the stump underneath. Removal is necessary if you want to replant a tree. Also, you may prefer removal if you do not want the same tree to sprout again on the same location.

In conclusion, regular tree care and maintenance helps prevent worse problems that could necessitate tree removal and complicated maintenance practices.  You can try to do the job yourself and rent instead of buy tree care equipment. But usually tall tree care should be performed by a professional tree care company known to offer affordable tree care services.

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