how to plant grass after tree removal

How to Plant Grass After Tree Removal

If you have been wondering how to plant grass after tree removal, take a look at this article provided by your friends at Hidden Oak Tree Care.

Have you recently removed some trees from your property? Are you wondering what to do with the space left behind? One popular option is to plant grass. Grass can be a great way to reclaim that space and uplift the look of your property.

This article will go over how to plant grass after tree removal and why it’s such an effective option for many homeowners.

Recently Lost Or Removed Some Trees? Wondering What’s Next?

In most cases we don’t choose to remove a tree. Trees provide shade in the summer and are an important fixture to most landscapes. However, if you have a tree near your home that has fallen, starting to die due to old age or disease or grown onto power lines, then there may be no choice but to cut down this beautiful natural resource.

It’s sad to see trees removed from a property. It takes time to get used to seeing your yard bare and without trees. But, sometimes it is inevitable and you have to remove the tree.

When it comes to this, the first thing to do is to rely on the advice of a tree company on how best to deal with the newly exposed lawn. Hidden Oak Tree Care can provide you with options on the best way to handle an open spot caused by removal of a tree.

How to Plant Grass After Tree Removal

When you’ve finally decided to cut down that old tree on your property, the next step is preparing to plant a new lawn. When planting grass after tree removal, there are two distinct approaches: bring in sod or seeding the soil with high quality grass seed.

The right approach will depend on your budget and how much time and work you want to put in.

Laying sod is highly physical and is usually more costly than normal seeding. Sod installation can cost up to $2.00 per square foot depending on the size of your yard.

In contrast, reseeding costs about $0.15 per square foot. If you’ve got a small space to plant grass after tree removal, seeding might be your best bet because it is economical and easy to handle. If you have a bigger budget and more of an area to plant grass after tree removal, sod installation may be worth considering.

Sod offers additional benefit of better insulation for soil thanks to its thick layer.   This can help prevent erosion in the hilly areas of the Salt Lake City where water runoff is common.

Have a plan. Grass or Replace With a New Tree, Flowers, etc.

The first question to ask yourself before planting grass after tree removal is what is your goal for your new space. You may want to reclaim the area differently with flowers or a new type of tree. Or, you may need a large area of turf that can withstand foot traffic and other wear-and-tear. Depending on your need and budget there are so many options available to reclaim the area.

One of the easiest and least long term maintenance options is to plant grass. Once the planting is completed and the grass takes root, all that is required is weekly mowing. If you choose to plant grass seed or sod over the hole made by removing a tree, here are the steps to follow:

Clear Any Debris Left in the Stump Hole

Scoop out the soil from around the stump. Remove any plant material left behind in and near the hole, as this could lead to disease later on if it is left in the hole.

Scoop out any dense material from around the edge of your hole and pile them nearby for easy disposal when you are done.

Remove any remaining tree roots as best you can before planting any seed or sod. Use your shovel and cut them off at the base. This will make it easier to plant grass because there won’t be many obstacles in the soil.

Pack the Hole With Soil and Rake the Surface Smooth

Rake the topsoil to ensure an evenly flat surface to sow grass seed. This doesn’t need to be done perfectly. But, try for consistency throughout your yard instead of some areas being sloped while others are completely level.

Loosen the soil around the edge of the hole with your shovel, and add some peat moss or other organic matter over the hole before refilling with topsoil.

Soil may settle over time, so keep in mind that you may need to periodically add more topsoil and organic matter. Cover up the hole with a layer of weed cloth or mulch.

Sow Grass Seed to the Smoothed Topsoil, Lightly Raking it Into the Topsoil

It can be difficult to plant grass in an area where the topsoil has been disturbed. The process will take some time and effort, but it will be well worth it because you’ll have a new green lawn again soon enough.

Keep the Area Moist by Watering It

Always water the area with a garden hose or sprinkler after seeding or sodding. This will prevent your green lawn from turning into a dry brown patch in no time. If possible, plant trees along with grasses or ground cover so that they create shade around your lawn. This will prevent weeds from growing in the area and reduce moisture loss, which is a huge problem for most people with lawns.

Grass seed needs about 5 days before germination, but can take 15-30 days depending on the quality of the seed and temperatures.  It can be tricky to figure out when your grass has germinated, but it’s important not to let them dry up. Start backing off on the watering frequency and gradually increase each time after they have sprouted a bit of greenish-brown color in their leaves or stalks.

Follow these steps and you have a beautiful stand of grass in no time.

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