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Bush and Hedge Trimming Tips

6 Amazing Bush and Hedge Trimming Tips To Keep Your Yard Looking Fantastic

In order to keep your garden looking tidy all year round it is important to carry out bush and hedge trimming at the right times. This includes pruning your bushes, trees, and plants.

In this article, you will learn the best times for trimming hedges, bushes, and more.

The Best Time To Trim Bushes

It is important to trim your bushes so they remain healthy. Trimming them will also keep your garden looking tidy, neat, and pleasing to the eye.

The best time to cut back your bushes is usually the springtime when the cold weather has stopped. Keep in mind sometimes a freeze can happen later than normal so make sure that the winter is over before proceeding to trim your bushes.

With this in mind, it is usually best to trim bushes in March or April.

When Should You Trim Your Hedges

Trimming hedges is usually best done in the spring season. Generally, aim to trim your hedge around March or April time to keep your hedge at the size and shape you desire.

Spring is ideal before the hedge has had a chance to start growing again following the cold winter.



How Best To Care For A Cherry Tree

If you take proper care of your cherry tree then you can enjoy viewing a beautiful tree and get a better harvest of fruit. Pruning a cherry tree correctly is important as it allows the tree to get better sunlight. This means the fruit will be better plus the overall health of the tree will be improved.

Early spring is usually the best time to prune a cherry tree whether it is young or mature. Make sure the cold weather is definitely over before pruning to avoid the tree suffering any damage from cold temperatures.

Before pruning the tree, make sure your tools have been sterilized. This helps protect the tree from getting any diseases from your other plants. To sterilize your tools, use rubbing alcohol or a mix of 1 part bleach plus 9 parts water then rinse with clean water and dry off.

When pruning the tree take a good look before you cut anything. Visualize how the tree is going to look when it leafs out later in the year and cut accordingly. Make sure you cut off any dead branches as well.

Cherry trees are susceptible to disease so it is always best to remove all debris. This minimizes the risk of infection.  If you can, use a tree sealant to cover all cuts as this will also help prevent infection.

When Should You Prune Holly Bushes

You can prune a holly bush in winter but it is risky. The risk is that there will be fewer flowers on the plant later in the year.

The best time to prune a holly bush is in the spring, around March or April ideally.

When pruning a holly bush, make sure to remove any dead or damaged branches. Other than the removal of dead or damaged branches, the main point of pruning a holly bush is to keep it in shape. Trimming holly bushes helps maintain the tidy look of your garden.

The Best Time to Complete Your Oleander Pruning

Oleanders are beautiful shrubs that can really enhance your garden. Pruning Oleanders will help keep it in shape but isn’t essential for the plant’s health.

The best time to prune an Oleander is right after it has bloomed. If you prune your Oleander correctly then it will stay nice and bushy.  Remember to remove any dead limbs and have an idea in your mind of how you want it to look.

In most cases, it is recommended to remove no more than a third of the bush.

When To Prune A Lilac Bush

It is essential to prune your lilac bush at the right time. The best time for pruning a lilac is in spring after they have bloomed.

Once your lilac has bloomed start by removing any dead wood. Then remove any weak branches plus cut down the oldest canes. If you stick to this regime once a year then you will maintain a healthy, beautiful lilac bush.

Final Thoughts on Bush and Hedge Trimming

Pruning your plants is essential to maintain a healthy garden but also one that looks great. Here are some tips to make the process easier:

  • Make sure your tools are clean
  • Use the right tool for each job
  • Before cutting visualize the plant after
  • Make sure to remove any dead wood
  • Prune at the right time of the year

If you stick to these simple bush and hedge trimming points and prune at the best time for each plant, then your garden will be kept in superb condition.  And, if you need assistance with any bush, shrub or tree trimming, reach out to us today.  We are experts in trimming all types of trees, bushes and shrubs.  Call Hidden Oak Tree Care today at (385) 800-8733.

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