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The Top 3 Reasons Salt Lake City Tree Spraying is Important

Trees are a big part of a great looking yard. It is important to look after them as otherwise they can be costly to replace and can detract from the aesthetic of the yard that you have no doubt invested a lot of time and money into.

Using a Salt Lake City tree spraying service is a great way to help maintain the health of your trees. In this article, you can learn 3 reasons why tree spraying is beneficial for your trees.

1. Tree Spraying Keep Insects Away

Insects can cause all kinds of damage to your trees or if you have a fruit-bearing tree the insects can destroy the crop. There are many kinds of insects that attack different things including leaves, so it is crucial to keep on top of tree maintenance.

In most cases it is best to do an initial spray in late winter or early spring. Then, around July or August arrange a second spray to ensure the chance of an infestation is stopped.

Possible signs of insect damage include:

  • Leaves showing signs of damage due to insects feeding on them
  • If you see white spots, they aren’t spots but rather tiny white insects
  • Holes in the tree bark
  • Stickiness that is caused by excretions from various bugs

When discussing your needs, the tree spraying service can identify exactly what will be required and when to ensure the correct work is undertaken.

Arranging a regular plan of spraying can keep the bugs at bay. This means a healthier tree plus more fruit if you have a fruit tree.

2. Salt Lake City Tree Spraying Prevents Tree Fungus

A fungal infection can be devastating if left untreated. Trees can die if no action is taken.

Generally, if you arrange for your trees to be sprayed in early spring this can prevent most fungal infections from taking hold.

If the tree has already been infected, then it may require several sprays every couple of weeks until the fungus has gone.

3. Regular Tree Spraying Prevents Disease

Trees can be afflicted by a wide variety of diseases that include bacterial and viral infections.

The signs of your tree having a disease include:

  • If leaves aren’t growing
  • When the foliage is yellowing
  • Spots on the leaves that can occur in all sorts of colors including white, brown, orange, or yellow
  • Lots of dead branches and twigs

This list isn’t exhaustive so if you have concerns about your tree’s health then get a professional to check them over.

Using a tree service, you can get your tree sprayed at the right time of year to prevent most diseases. If your tree becomes infected, then you can discuss with the tree service the best action to take. Once the disease has been identified the tree service can arrange treatment for the infected tree.

Why You Should Get Your Trees Sprayed

The three main ways tree spraying benefits you are:

  1. Spraying at the right time can help prevent infestation. In the case the tree is already infested then it is essential to act fast to limit the damage.
  2. Fungal infections can happen at any time. Most can be prevented if the tree has been sprayed.  In cases where a fungal infection has taken hold, then a regular course of treatment can help rid the tree of this potentially devastating fungal infection.
  3. There are many diseases that can damage your trees. Tree spraying can help prevent many of them and if a tree becomes infected then acting fast can help with the cure.

Final Thoughts

A Salt Lake City tree spraying service like Hidden Oak Tree Care can help you maintain the health of your trees. This, in turn, helps your trees live longer, healthier, and happier lives.

Don’t delay, contact Hidden Oak Tree Care at 385.800.8733 to arrange a consultation and treatment.

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